Them: ARMY AIR CREWS: UH-60 Black Hawk Crewmembers Line of Duty.

Army Air Crews is a tribute list of army aviation crewmembers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

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Archived 3-17th Cav Tributes, Support & After-action Reports God's Own Lunatics by Joe Galloway which I put to pictures by the Silver Spurs, A Troop, 3/17th Air Cavalry, Vietnam '67-'72. We had the honor of having Joe Galloway.

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Medal of Honor Recipients - World War II (Recipients A-F) ADAMS, LUCIAN. Rank and organization: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army, 30th Infantry, 3d Infantry Division; Place and date: Near St. Die, France, 28 October 1944

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Hotel Company Members - 2nd Battalion 5th Marines Addesso, Pete. I served with the third Platoon under Lt. Lambert and Sgt. MacDonald and was one of their radiomen. I was wounded in Hue University during the '68 Tet.

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History of 90th Chemical Mortar Battalion In Memoriam We Dedicate this story of the Ninetieth Chemical Mortar Battalion to our friends who died in combat. They lost their lives fighting not for some lofty.

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Hamden Fire Retirees Association, Inc. Times really have changed since this article appeared 40 years ago in the New Haven Journal-Courier. The 3-on/3-off schedule was replaced almost nine years ago by a.

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Casualties: US Naval Personnel Killed and Injured in. Return to Manuscript List Return to Navy Department Library Search the Library Catalog. DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY -- NAVAL HISTORICAL CENTER 805 KIDDER BREESE SE.

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History of the 81st Tank Battalion - 5AD History of the 81st Tank Battalion Monday, 10 September, 1943 may have been 'just another day' but for a lot of guys, it was their first day of a long journey that.

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Echo Members - Echo Company 2nd Battalion 5th Marines `This page was last updated September 20, 2017. Echo Company 2nd Battalion 5th Marines